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Don’t Let A New Law Rob You Of Your Right To Protect Your Ideas

In mid-March the government shuts down your long-held right to test your invention in the market for as much as a year before filing for a patent. As part of the “America Invents Act,” this shut-down goes into effect on March 16. The U.S. Patent Office has already written the rules. The large companies will not suffer because they safely perform development in-house or under their carefully shepherded confidentiality agreements. In contrast, small companies and inventors lack those systems and billions in backing. Further, small companies need to publicly promote and raise outside capital far earlier in development. As of March 16, the little guy who makes his invention public runs a high risk of losing ownership of his own idea because the owner is the “first to file” on it. How did this happen? For decades the US had a “first-to-invent rule” that worked...

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Resolve patent, trademark and copyright confusion

The Luther Law Firm, PLC has the right idea to protect your bright ideas Scottsdale- January 28, 2013 – You have a new idea and you know you should protect it.  Where do you begin?  Each year thousands of people apply for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Of those that apply, just over 50% are actually approved and granted. Among the reasons for denial, mistakes in paperwork or applying for a patent when you actually need a trademark. Determining what you need as a business or inventor can be confusing, and that confusion can become the difference in being approved. To start businesses and consumers on the right track to increase government approval and to better understand the patent, trademark and copyright process, Barbara Luther, of The Luther Law Firm, PLC has come up with a way to make it easy. In collaboration with Ms. Luther,...

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The Luther Law Firm, PLC Works to Build and Create “The American Dream”

Scottsdale based patent attorney chooses Crosby|Wright as its “Agency of Record” Scottsdale- December 11, 2012- After years of making clients dreams of building a successful product a reality, The Luther Law Firm, PLC is looking to take its brand to the next level. The firm has built its reputation and now, after years of servicing clients across the country it has decided to take the next step and sign the luxury public relations firm Crosby|Wright as its “Agency of Record.” Founded by Barbara Luther, the Luther Law Firm focuses on applying, obtaining and securing patents for consumers.  In addition, the firm specializes in Trademarks, Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights.  The firm has attorneys with a wide variety of technical expertise – from proteins to software. Luther takes pride in her work and has found a way to make the process easy and affordable. “Making your...

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