Representative Patents

These are patents representative of Barbara Luther’s work for her clients, listed by category.

Note:  Ms. Luther’s name appears on most of these patents but not all, because:

  • Some were drafted by her but transferred to others for final action
  • She contributed to some at law firms that prefer not to identify individual contributors.


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Consumer products, including nutraceuticals

6,779,298 Perforated Gerbera flower cup
6,809,150 Method of protecting surfaces from corrosion
6,872,767 Method of protecting surfaces with aluminum flaked composition
6,479,069 Nutritional supplement for increased energy and stamina
5,665,406 Polyol coated chewing gum having improved shelf life and method of making
5,637,334 Chewing gum containing maltitol
5,525,360 Chewing gum products using polydextrose
5,294,449 Composition of anti-cavity chewing gum and method of fighting tooth decay by using erythrose as anticaries agent
5,277,919 Method of stabilizing peptide sweeteners in chewing gums and confections with benzaldehyde acetals
5,139,793 Method of prolonging flavor in chewing gum


7,087,245 ICAM-1 formulation having controlled-size microparticles
7,071,162 Combined use of cementum attachment protein and cyclosporin a for improved attachment of dental and orthopedic implants
6,734,215 Exo-S-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment
6,375,985 System and method for producing drug-loaded microparticles
6,034,079 Nicotine antagonists for nicotine-responsive neuropsychiatric disorders
5,880,116 Use of celastrol to treat Alzheimer’s disease
5,879,712 Method for producing drug-loaded microparticles and an ICAM-1 dosage form so produced


7,030,154 Stability of lipoic acid
5,128,154 Method of treating wintergreen flavors so as to eliminate undesirable off notes associated therewith
5,116,625 Nitrogen sparging method for eliminating off-notes from mint flavors
5,041,294 Sorbitol-modified flavor


7,160,724 Human cord blood as a source of neural tissue for repair of the brain and spinal cord
6,528,245 Bone marrow cells as a source of neurons for brain and spinal cord repair
6,162,428 hNT-neuron human neuronal cells to replace ganglion cells
7,049,102 Multi-gene expression profile
6,291,170 Multi-genes expression profile
6,051,697 Chemokine expressed in eosinophils
6,008,039 Polynucleotide encoding a novel purinergic P.sub.2U receptor
5,914,393 Human Jak2 kinase
5,840,870 Polynucleotides PANC1A and PANC1B associated with pancreatic cancer
5,840,544 DNA encoding rantes homolog from prostate
5,804,376 Pancreas-derived serpin
5,738,991 Method of detecting elastase IV
5,712,115 Human cell death-associated protein
5,700,924 Serpin derived from human hypothalamus
5,686,597 Thrombin receptor homolog
5,663,059 Human phospholipase inhibitor
5,654,146 Human I.C.E. homolog
5,650,280 Cellubrevin homolog
5,643,752 Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases
5,637,462 Cathepsin C homolog
5,633,149 Polynucleotide encoding novel chemokine expressed in inflamed adenoid
5,605,817 DNA encoding chemokine expressed in fetal spleen
5,602,008 DNA encoding a liver expressed chemokine
5,587,306 Phospholipase C homolog
5,587,301 DNA encoding a hyaluronan receptor expressed in human umbilical vein endothelial cells


6,826,321 Magnetic switching of charge separation lifetimes in artificial photosynthetic reaction centers


7,303,093 Hot food vending machine
6,059,446 Apparatus for mixing the contents of microcentrifuge tubes
5,127,209 Multi-purpose stacker with overlapping material handling device
6,711,938 Non-destructive joint sealant testing device

Medical Devices

5,035,858 July 30, 1991 Method for disinfecting medical materials