Quick Start ™

Introducing Luther Law’s unique new Quick Start™ Service … Your Provisional Patent Application professionally drawn up and filed for just $5,000!

This economy has changed the way all of us do business. We’re trimming more fat, and sharing more. We’re doing more with less —saving costs where we can, and helping each other along.

It’s in this spirit that we created Luther Law’s Quick Start™ service for inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs who need patent protection… but who equally need to be cautious with cash.

For a one-time flat fee of just $5,000, we will take complete care of your PPA —your Provisional Patent Application!

(Why “Provisional’? Because unlike a regular application, a PPA gives you an extra year of security, which you can use to make improvements and adjustments to your invention. We recommend it. After that year, you’ll file your regular application.)

And although we call it Quick Start, it gives you all this:
• Your complete first draft Application is prepared for your review.
• Your own information is correctly assembled (as required by the USPTO), and we prepare a provisional cover sheet for official filing
• We then complete a second draft for filing with the USPTO. This includes all revisions based on your review and comments, and our advice.
• We prepare special PDFs of all documents in the format required by the Patent Office
• File your PPA electronically with the US. Patent Office (USPTO)
• If you have under 500 employees, we pay the USPTO filing fee ($110).
• We officially calendar your Application on our specialized docketing system.
• We send you all the information and instructions you will need, together with PDF copies of all the materials we filed for you
• When the USPTO sends us your Official Filing Receipt we calendar the anniversary date and send a copy to you.
• Three months before the anniversary date, we remind you to have your updates, alterations and improvements ready for filing your regular application.

We’re lawyers. So there must be fine print.
Here it is:

Please fill out the Quick Start Patent Application Checklist with great care and completeness, including all the relevant drawings, photos and searches in your possession. If you’re not sure whether or not to include something, include it: better to have too much than too little.

If you have formal drawings, that’s great; although casual drawings and snapshots are perfectly OK. (We may tighten up a drawing or two at our own option, if that helps clarify your application.) If you prefer to have formal drawings anyway, we will be glad to help you with an estimate.

Some software or biotech applications can be very long and/or complicated. If that describes yours, it may not be right for BAREBONES. However, we can still quote you a fixed and reasonable fee for its preparation and filing.

The Quick Start process allows one review (you can have more, but fees will apply), so please be sure to decide on all the improvements or adjustments you want to make before returning the Checklist. Keep them short and simple. And please, do not rewrite the patent application: we will have carefully chosen the words that provide you the best protection, and we are experts at it.

Only one invention per Quick Start Application, please. But you can have us file applications for as many inventions as you wish

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