Resolve patent, trademark and copyright confusion

The Luther Law Firm, PLC has the right idea to protect your bright ideas

Scottsdale- January 28, 2013 – You have a new idea and you know you should protect it.  Where do you begin?  Each year thousands of people apply for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Of those that apply, just over 50% are actually approved and granted. Among the reasons for denial, mistakes in paperwork or applying for a patent when you actually need a trademark. Determining what you need as a business or inventor can be confusing, and that confusion can become the difference in being approved.

To start businesses and consumers on the right track to increase government approval and to better understand the patent, trademark and copyright process, Barbara Luther, of The Luther Law Firm, PLC has come up with a way to make it easy. In collaboration with Ms. Luther, Valorie Valencia, Ph.D., of Arizona’s Stellar Research has developed a free online quiz that helps people determine their actual needs.  When completed, Dr. Valencia’s program analyzes your answers and selects Ms. Luther’s answers that apply to your concept/ideas to explain how you should move forward.

“From talking to thousands of companies and individuals, I understand the process can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. My online quiz helps you determine exactly where to start in your application process,” said Barbara Luther. “Having a clear understanding of the terminology can help speed up the entire process. It also increases your chances of having your concept, logo or invention approved and protected.”

Ultimately, without patent, copyright, or trademark protection anyone can claim the rights to your intellectual property. It does not matter how great or amazing an idea is, if it is not protected, businesses and consumers become vulnerable; early stage investments turn into losses. There have been countless cases of this happening, which is why the development of Ms. Valencia’s intuitive online quiz has become a key component for The Luther Law Firm, PLC.

About The Luther Law Firm, PLC:

The Luther Law Firm is based in Scottsdale, Ariz. and is a certified woman-owned business. Establish in 2005 by Barbara Luther, the company assists and represents clients across the U.S. and Canada. During her 24-year long career, Luther has secured hundreds of patents for large and small companies as well as individuals. Those patents have even withstood court challenges, generated an eight-figure court settlement and changed the way the Patent Office does business. In addition to being an active member of the U.S Patent Bar, Ms. Luther is involved with the American Intellectual Property Law Association, The Licensing Executives Society and the California, Illinois and Arizona bar associations. For more on Barbara Luther and The Luther Law Firm visit or contact Crosby|Wright at 480-367-1112.

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