Luther Law offers a complete range of Intellectual Property services:

  • •  Patents  – We prepare patent applications, file them with the Patent Office, respond to any of their actions, negotiate with the Patent Examiner on your behalf, and take care of docket filing and response dates.
  • •  Patentability Opinions – highly recommended, before you commit to the full process of patenting, to keep costs low.  One option is our unique, low-cost BareBones service. Others can determine the actual patentability of your idea; fine-tune your patent; and perhaps identify licensing opportunities that are preferable to patenting.

We obtain professional searches and are expert in analyzing the patentability of your idea. This analysis contributes to more efficient, faster and economical prosecution. It can also help you identify licensing opportunities, instead of patenting.

  • •  Trademarks – We take care of the filing, and deal with the Trademark Office attorney … as well as clearing up the confusion about the ®, TM and SM symbols on your documents. Plus, we calendar the follow-up dates required five and ten years after registration.
  • •  Trademark Clearance Opinions – Ask for these before you commit to expensive marketing and website design!  Our research is thorough, and can save you a bundle.
  • •  Copyrights – the © mark  – We carefully review your documents for proper copyright marking and usage, then prepare copyright
    applications, and answer questions the copyright examiner may have about technical and legal issues.
  • •  Infringement Opinions – Someone ripping off your patent?  We have years of experience providing effective legal opinions and arguments for patent infringement defense.
  • •  Freedom-to-Operate Opinions – The other side of the coin … we’re also highly experienced in advising you how to avoid infringing on someone else’s patent!
  • •  Cease & Desist Letters If you get one or want to send one, we know exactly how the law works to get results in your favor.

If you have identified someone copying your idea (patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret) or you’ve received a cease and desist letter yourself, we are expert in analyzing the legal fallout that can result from these activities — and a lot of experience in avoiding lawsuits for clients like you.

  • •  Trade Secrets, Domestic and Foreign – Should your idea be protected as a trade secret?   We’ll advise, then institute the essential procedures that defend your secrets.
  • •  Licensing, Domestic and Foreign –Licensing pitfalls can decimate your royalties. Here too, we have a great deal of expertise in preparing and reviewing protective, solid licenses of intellectual property across all industries and disciplines.
  • •  Intellectual Property Due Diligence – Important financial transactions, you want seasoned experts to assure that your patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are intact and secure.

You also want to be sure that you own them outright, and that they do in fact cover the products and services that are the meat-and-potatoes of the transaction. As experienced patent attorneys with expertise in infringement and clearance opinions, we are exceptionally qualified to provide the opinions and advice that protect you best.

  • •  How to profit from Your Patent:  It’s possible to reap a tidy sum from your patents, and we can advise you how …

Our years of legal practice in large and small firms – plus medical and business degrees and successful entrepreneurship in the commercial world — enable us to see advantages where others can not.  These business and technical skills can skillfully guide you in saving money by pruning your patent portfolio … making money from licensing others … and improving your cross-licensing prospects through broader patenting.

Need more information?  See our FAQs.